DEKNO models is an individual craft company, dedicated to exploring the history of aviation through modeling.

This personal project that began in 1992 and closed in 1999 to be reborn in 2010 and until now, has the experience, love of aviation, and the vocation of the enthusiastic modeler.

Always looking for models that I would like to have but that the market does not offer, what I want for myself I offer to the customer and this makes him empathize with aviation lovers of the Golden Age of aviation

At the moment the project is a technological expansion thanks to 3D printing, and so I can offer items directly printed in 3D, complete kits, accessories such as motors or floats, as well as kits made with the usual polyurethane resin or a combination of the two technologies.

I have also had the pleasure of collaborating with major brands such as ARCTIC DECALS and have modeled for other 3D model brands (via DEKNO 3D) that are now in production or have been there. I have had the invaluable help of many modelers who have wanted to collaborate, some of them emerged from forums especially WINGS OF PEACE.... And of course I want to thank very much to all my customers and retailers who are the ones who sustain and give meaning to DEKNO models

This job, so loved for me and which I offer you through this website, so that you can also enjoy them, has led me to the conclusion, which for me has become a motto:


Thank you so much,
Albert Serra

PS: I am open to suggestions, write me in the following emails ... I want learn from you

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