1/48 Pobjoy R
  • 1/48 Pobjoy R

1/48 Pobjoy R

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The Pobjoy R is a British seven-cylinder, radial, air-cooled, aircraft engine designed and built by Pobjoy Airmotors. Introduced in 1926 it was a popular engine for ultralight and small aircraft in the 1930s. A notable feature of the Pobjoy R was the propeller reduction gear which allowed the small engine to operate at more desirable higher speeds.

Users:  British Aircraft Swallow, Comper Kite, Comper Swift, Cosmopolitan Light Plane, Couzinet 101, Farman F.239, Fauvel AV.10, Fieseler F 3, General Aircraft Monospar, Hendy Hobo, Kay Gyroplane, Landgraf H-2, Letov Š-139, Lippisch Delta IV, Miles Satyr, Nicholas-Beazley Pobjoy Special, Nozawa X-I, Pander Multipro, Přikryl-Blecha PB-5 Racek, Savoia-Marchetti SM.80bis, Short Scion, Short Scion Senior, Spartan Clipper, Swanson-Fahlin SF-1.


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