DEKNO models is a artisanal single person company, devoted to explore the history of the aviation through the modelling.

Through years of experiencie in manual modeling, from 1992 to 1999, and from 2010 until today with the unestimable help of the 3D modeling with Rhino3d and the 3d printing, we follow this type of modeling who ables to modelers to obtain special models. However the quantity that the market is able to absorve, the limitation of the poduction per mould and infrastructure does this type of model more expensives, but I think is the unique way of obtain models out of the mainstream.

These models are abit more dificult to assembly than the models of the great industry, but I think is a more autentic type of modeling and enables the modeler obtain richest collections, because it ables to obtain little runs of models with a cost inferior than the injection, but more expesive, per kit, than a injection kit.

Despite the unipersonality of the company, I have the invaluable help of many of persons, who, as me, loves the old aviation, without this help, this modest project would be much more difficult for me, I want thank from here give my sincere thank to all.

And above all, thanks to the customers who are really able to continue with this project.

Many thank,
Albert Serra

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