Received the decals of DRAW Decal

Draw Decal is my main decals printer, Greg Drawbaugh uses the uses the latest technology in decals printing the Digital Silk, wich deliver the best quality, precision and price in decals for printing over 50 units (for this kit 125 units are ordered). I recomend visit his website that offers infinity of decals for civilian aviation:

For quantitys under 50 units, I use the service of Mika Jernfors, of Ardtic Decals, also a great artisan in decals printing he uses others technologys as serigraphy and Alps printing. In his website, you will watch his magnific creations, a true reference for lovers of the "alternative aviation scale modeling":

In other hand is already to my paper printer the label of the kit and the assembly and painting instructions... The kit of the British Aircraft Eagle 2 in 1/72 is almost ready to delivery!

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