British Aircraft eagle 2 of L.A.P.E. pre-order available

The British Aircraft Eagle 2 in 1/72 scale is already under pre-order campaign.

When I have the decal sheet designed and ordered to the decal printer, usually I starting the pre-order campaign, with an interessant discount in the case of the Eagle 2 o the L.A.P.E. during the Spanish Civil War a 15% of of the price.

The pre-orders are an interessant incentive to order the kit for the customer with the unique inconvenience of to wait some weeks to receive the kit or the kits, but this have other benefit, in the case of me, you helps to final development of the kit, helping to sufrage some cost, I can take some idea of the final succes of the model and take an idea of the possible succes of future variants of the model and prevision the quantity I will must prepare.

So is a great occasion if you are interested in the model to pre-order it.

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