Making the illustration of the B.A. Eagle 2

The illustration of each kit is the presentation card of the model in the boxes, for make the publicity and campaigns, also is very useful to explain the color and position of the decals. So is very important both for sell the model as explain his decoration and finishing.

1.- After the finishing the modeling of the kit, I export the 3D parts to 2D, I separate these 2D lines by colours and put the already made decals, over the aircraft silhouette and define his position and colour, I work all this phase over Rhinoceros 3D. When this is finished, I export to .ai format to use over the Adobe Illustrator.

2.- In Adobe Illustrator, i determine each colour, and paint every part.

3.- And for finishing, combining Rhinoceros 3D and Adobe illustrator, I prepare the lights and the shadows. In Rhinoceros 3D I define the areas that have light and shadow then export again to Illustrator, and over the painted draw, I put the shadow or the light and define his intensity, wiht the result you can seen.

Then this illustration is the representation card of the model kit, in this case the future British Aircraft Eagle 2 of L.A.P.E. that flew before and during the Spanish Civil War, so it will have the reference CW.720300.

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